LZ(老忠) Hi-Fi Audio Big Dipper

Tuning switch manual
Turn on the switch to enhance tones
Default Model (Without Switch)
No tuning of the bass, middle and treble
1) 单路开关
Single Switch Model
At the customer’s selection, it can tune any one of the bass, middle or treble.
2) 双路开关
Dual Switch Model
At the customer’s election, it can tune any two of the bass, middle or treble.
3) 三路开关
Triple Switch Model
It can tune all of bass, middle and treble.

产品参数信息 Product parameter information
耳机类型 Earphone Type In- Ear
传输类型 Connection Type Wired
插头类型 Plug Type 3.5mm gold-plated plug
线控长度 Cable Length 1.3m
驱动单元 Driver 7 balanced armatures drivers
声压级 Sensitivity 115±1dB
阻抗 Impedance 38Ω
响应频率 Range of Response Frequency 10Hz-40000Hz
THD(总谐波失真) Total Harmonic Distortion < 0.2%
额定功率 Power Output 5mW
执行标准 Product Standard CTIA International Standard)/CTIA国际标准

*IECQ 若规格参数等发生变化时,制造商保留未提前通知的前提下更改的权利
*Should there be any change to the parameters stated above, the manufacturer reserves the right to change such parameters without advance notice.